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1. What Does My Name FERRARO Meaning?
The Latin origin of this name comes from the word Ferrum which means Iron. The name refers to a person who works with metal. This individual has a generous and kind nature.

2. What Does My Name FITE Meaning?
This is a surname found in Warwickshire. It is an American version of the German Viet. Which means it is of German origin.

3. What Does My Name COLUMBO Meaning?
Derived from the Latin word "colomba" which means dove. It also means a person of high favor as the dove is considered to symbolize the Holy Spirit in the Bible.

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4. What Does My Name BONANNO Meaning?
The name is derived from the words "bon" which means good and "anno" which means year. Therefore, the name means good year.

5. What Does My Name KARINA Meaning?
It refers to an artistic and loving person and has its roots in Latin. A person with this name is fun and out-going. Definitely a true reflection of the meaning indeed.

6. What Does My Name GERHARD Meaning?
A person who has excellent skills in learning, analyzing and understanding situations. It also has a Swedish meaning which is translated to "spear courageous."

7. What Does My Name MANCIAS Meaning?
This is a very interesting name which takes its roots from the Italian Mancino, which means ambidextrous. This person is skilled in the use of both hands which makes him very talented indeed.

8. What Does My Name BRENNAN Meaning?
It is both Irish or Gaelic name. This is derived from defendants of Braonan. It can be a given name for both boy or girl. It means brave.

9. What Does My Name MCLEISH Meaning?
This Scottish name has a lot of meaning and has been in use since the medieval era. Its roots are in Gaelic and translate to being the son or a follower of Jesus.

10. What Does My Name KENNY Meaning?
It refers to a handsome individual and is based on the Irish language. This person is charming and is a natural at obtaining the devotion of people around him.

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11. What Does My Name VIVIEN Meaning?
In French, Vivien it means ALIVE. For Latin, the male opposite is Vivianus which means VIVUS or alive. In Great Britain, this name is being widely use for females.

12. What Does My Name MICCO Meaning?
The name has a Native American Origin whereby it was used in place for a chief. It also is used to mean a person who has the power to rule.

13. What Does My Name BABICH Meaning?
It is of Ukrainian origin which means old woman. This is a widely used surname. Derives from Polish and Russian word BABA which means grandmother.

14. What Does My Name GORDON Meaning?
The name has a Scottish origin and it was derived from the name of a place meaning spacious fort. The meaning of the name is also associated with greatness.

15. What Does My Name DEERING Meaning?
This name takes its meaning from Old English and means a dear one or a loved one. This is a charming name and usually kept for someone special to the heart.

16. What Does My Name BAZIL Meaning?
Meaning Royal or Kingly in Arabic, people with this name are destined to lead and are dynamic, intelligent and versatile. They are optimistic toward life and make friends easily.

17. What Does My Name PARIKH Meaning?
The name is mostly use for Indian Hindu people. It came from Gujarati word ASSAYER which means a diamond examiner UB Sanskrit.

18. What Does My Name DENNER Meaning?
This is an Old English name referring to an occupational endeavor. It is used synonymously along with a herdsman for swine and in favor around the countryside.

19. What Does My Name BRUNDAGE Meaning?
This is a habitational name from Suffolk at Brundish. Its derivative from Old English is "burna" meaning stream and "edisc" meaning pasture.

20. What Does My Name LAMPING Meaning?
A variation of the Dutch Lambert, the name translates to 'Bright Land' and is generally used in a distinguished setting with royal families inclined toward its use

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21. What Does My Name MABRY Meaning?
The name Mabry is feminine and has a Latin origin. The literal meaning of the name as translated from Latin is "my fair maid" or "lovely."

22. What Does My Name CARON Meaning?
The name has a Greek origin of which has an equivalent meaning of "pure." It also has a Welsh meaning of which means "to love." It can also mean fair white.

23. What Does My Name BURGESS Meaning?
An English name meaning a free man from a fortified village and has municipal duties and rights. It also means a representative of a House of Commons.

24. What Does My Name CHAS Meaning?
This is pronounced as CHAZ. It is an American name for a boy. Comes from the old English word CEORL which means a strong man.

25. What Does My Name GREENING Meaning?
This name has been derived from the Dutch Groenig and means tending toward nature. It brings to mind a picturesque forest with multiple shades of verdant green.

26. What Does My Name GUPTA Meaning?
This ancient Hindu name has its derivatives in the Devanagari script and is one of the earliest in existence. The name refers to a 'protector' or a 'guardian'.

27. What Does My Name COFIELD Meaning?
This is the variant of the English name Caulfield. The name is meant to describe a person who is highly sensitive, has an intuitive nature and is idealistic.

28. What Does My Name BLYTHE Meaning?
is a name that is not common and it is stylish at the same time. It originates from a lovely play by Coward's Blithe. The name means "carefree."

29. What Does My Name MISTY Meaning?
This is the short version of Melissa or Michelle. It came from the word MIST which means light fog. This is a popular girl's name.

30. What Does My Name NATERA Meaning?
This name represents versatility, enthusiasm and agility. It can also mean unconventional methods. This is originated in Venezuela.

31. What Does My Name SHEARD Meaning?
This is an English name originating from West Yorkshire. The name is topographical used to mean someone living in a gap which is between hills.

32. What Does My Name MANNELLA Meaning?
The name is a diminutive of Manna from old Italian which means a crank or a lever. It is used to refer to a person who holds an important post and can change the odds!!

33. What Does My Name FRAZER Meaning?
A Scottish name implying the presence of curly hair, it also refers to a region. These people are idealistic, imaginative and spiritual. Certainly strong qualities in a person!!

34. What Does My Name PASS Meaning?
Pass is considered a pet form of the name Pascal. It means born on Easter or during the Passover. The name is derived from "Pascha" which meant Passover during pre-Christian days.

35. What Does My Name MCIVER Meaning?
This name originates from a Northern Irish and Scottish background. It was derived from the Gaelic name "Mac Iomhair." It means, son of Iomhair.

36. What Does My Name ENGELHARD Meaning?
A person with this name has the ability to understand people and merge conflicting viewpoints. He does well interacting with the public and can use his skills of diplomacy to soothe people.

37. What Does My Name MULLINS Meaning?
The name is of Irish background believed to be an anglicization of the name O Maolain. A derivative of "maol" which means tonsured or bald.

38. What Does My Name MACKO Meaning?
It has its annotations as being the Polish form of Mathew which is a very Biblical name. To be translated as 'A Gift Of God', it forebodes auspiciousness.

39. What Does My Name MCLACHLAN Meaning?
This name has a Gaelic origin with the root word being Lochlan. It refers to a stranger and a person with this name is famous for being calm and collected even in stressful situations.

40. What Does My Name BUHR Meaning?
A name originating from Low German-derived from the word "bauer." It was used to mean a farmer. It, therefore, is an occupational name.